South African artist Conty Fonane grew up like most of us, dreaming about cars at a young age. Learning about various design and engineering aspects in lessons from his father led Conty to turn those dreams as a child into a hobby and later a full-time business building unique automobile replicas out of wire. Small cars turned into bigger ones, eventually resulting in his greatest accomplishment to date — a full-size wire replica of a 1967 Shelby GT500.

“I love Ford. I’ve built small models of Mustangs before and I like Fords for the speed and sound,” he explained.

I love Ford. I’ve built small models of Mustangs before and I like Fords for the speed and sound. — Conty Fonane

Every piece of Conty’s Mustang is there, right down to the pistons and transmission. The doors open and close; the brake and clutch pedals move, and the steering wheel turns. This replica has it all and is truly a rolling piece of art work. Amazingly, Conty built this wire Mustang in just seven months time. His goal is to have his car displayed in the Ford Museum one day, and it is certainly worthy of this honor. This Mustang is definitely a one-of-a-kind piece that is surely to draw crowds where ever it goes.

Work of art meets work of art. A real-deal 1967 Shelby GT500 Eleanor (left) sits aside Conty Fonane’s wire-replica 1967 GT500. (Photo Credit: Ford South America)

There is a good chance this wire GT500 might just make its way to the United States, in fact, you could be the one to bring it here. The car is listed online for sale at $60,000. Only time will tell if someone will jump on Conty’s work of art and bring it state side or not. You can check out the listing yourself here. If the car sells, Conty has plans in the works for future builds including a full-size wire car that includes an engine with a working crankshaft and pistons. That would certainly be something cool to see.