Back in December of last year, we shared a video from Adam Brunson of TunePlus as he surpassed the 600-wheel-horsepower mark on a Ford Focus RS. TunePlus achieve this feat with a built crate engine and a massive turbo upgrade using the Extreme Turbo Systems twin-scroll GTX3582R-2 turbo from Honeywell Garrett.

Our biggest challenge was that the customer wanted to run 93 octane. — Adam Brunson, TunePlus

Just two weeks into 2018 and this shop has just finished a another unique Ford Focus RS build that not only produces impressive horsepower gains but was also built to meet the needs of its owner. The Focus RS was driven straight from the dealership in Lakeland, Florida, all the way to the TunePlus shop in Dallas, Texas, to perform the upgrades.

The idea was to turn the customer’s brand-new Focus RS into a “pump-gas monster.” While many hot-hatch enthusiasts might think simple bolt-on upgrades could easily achieve this, the owner of this particular build opted for the TunePlus Type-B Crate Engine upgrade.

Focus RS

The TunePlus Type-B engine upgrade is rated for 500-600 horsepower at the wheels. With a 7,800-rpm rev limit it is designed to take abuse in all forms of motorsport. (Photo Credit: TunePlus)

The Type-B crate engine is built for customers looking to run aftermarket turbo upgrades, turbo kits, and upgraded fuel systems. It features a custom rod/pistons combo, a ported cylinder head, and upgraded camshafts from PIPER UK.

What made this particular build so unique is that, upon completion, the tuned-up Focus RS would make its way back to Florida for a hand control and wheelchair accessibility conversion. This required ensuring the added power increase that the new crate engine provided. The TunePlus team customized the calibration to give the customer the maximum horsepower gains without interfering with the drivability of his hotter hatch.

“Our biggest challenge was that the customer wanted to run 93 octane, but he wasn’t sure if it would make the power he wanted,” Adam Brunson, of TunePlus, said. “I assured him it would before we scheduled the build, and as you can see it wasn’t an issue. The car made it with ease!”


Pump Gas Monster Upgrades

• TunePlus, Inc. Type-B crate engine

• TunePlus, Inc. port-injection kit w/ custom engine harness

• TunePlus, Inc. dyno tune w/ Cobb Accessport

• XtremeClutch twin-disc clutch

• ETS GTX3076R Turbo Kit w/ TiAL wastegate and blow-off valve

• ETS V2 cat-back exhaust

• ETS black-anodized intercooler and charge pipes

• Radium dual catch can system

• Radium breather plate

• VelossaTech inlet

• Motul Fluids

• Cobb rear motor mount

• Verus rear diffuser

• Anderson Composites carbon fiber hood

• Redline Tuning hood struts

• 18×9.5-inch Rota Grid wheels

The TunePlus-built engine put down an impressive 515 horsepower and 480 lb-ft of torque to the wheels with 24 pounds of boost — all while still burning 93-octane pump gas.

“I posted two dyno graphs, one with smoothing at zero, and one with it at five so you can see that the difference is minimal,” Adam added. “The car is making smooth power.”

This TunePlus upgrade offers Focus RS owners the ability to heat there hatches up to the 500-wheel horsepower range without sacrificing drivability.

You can check out the aforementioned dyno graphs in the gallery below, and all of the upgrades are available for purchase on the TunePlus website here.

Photo gallery