As the summer months disappear and Labor Day is upon us, the Mustang world points its attention to the South Carolina coastal town of Myrtle Beach for the annual Mustang Week event. Now in its third year on the September date (the event was traditionally held in July before making the calendar move in 2017), the event has grown from less than 100 cars to one of the largest automotive events in the South.

It was not too long ago that the only unofficial events you had to worry about were getting into town early enough to go to the unofficial meet and greet at the old Hard Rock Cafe on Monday night, whatever shenanigans Travis and Stacy at SVT Performance had dreamed up, and finally, waking up Saturday morning in time to make it to the SEFB Fox-body Cruise. Today, things have changed, and even the Mustang Week staff now embrace all of the after-hours events during the week. It has become a tradition almost as big as the official events themselves. Take a look below we inform on everything going on from start to finish at Mustang Week 2019.

First off, your best bet for all official Mustang Week information is visiting There you will find all of the official events listed on the Event Overview page. You will also find the FAQ section which will prove very helpful during your week at the beach.


Beyond that, the best guide to reference is CJ Pony Parts “Ultimate Guide To Mustang Week”. This easy to use chart definitely hits most of the highlights of the week. It’s is a must for any Mustang Week participant to print out or have saved in their phone.

While this certainly presents participants with a week’s worth of Mustang fun, we wanted to dive even deeper into the week and provide you with the information needed for every single event possible, big or small. Take a look at some of the other unofficial Mustang Week events we ran across below.

Sunday 9/1

Southeastern Stangs Mustang Week Kick Off At Calli Baker’s 12pm to 4pm

Monday 9/2

Surf Side Stance- Check out something a little different than the normal here. If slammed and “stanced” Mustangs are your thing, then this is the meet for you!


Thursday 9/5

Mustang Week Cruise To Ocean Isle Beach- Looking to get out and drive your Mustang at the beach? This seems to be your best chance! Cruise up the coast to Ocean Isle in North Carolina!

Mach 1 Meet- Mach 1 owners unite for a meet at Dave & Busters.

Fox-body Night @ The Boathouse- Riverside food and drinks along with Fox-body Mustangs. What could be better?

Worship God Loud 2019 @ Mustang Week- Some of you may remember Joel Gilchrist, owner of the Bill Jones Tribute Mustang build from years gone by. What Joel, or Hot Rod Rev as he is better known, is really known for is his annual Worship God Loud program. Joel and his crew have big plans this year, including showing of their Saleen Mustang that is being raffled off.

Cruise In At The Beach Hosted By Roush Performance- An all new event for 2019, the Roush team brings the party oceanside with their Thursday night cruise in!

Saturday 9/7

13th Annual Fox-body Cruise- The longest running unofficial event at Mustang Week, the Fox-body Cruise enters its 13th year. Started by the Southeastern Fox-body Club, the torch has been passed in their absence to Matt and Jenn at Fox Mustang Restoration. With over 150 Fox-bodies expected, this is sure to be a can’t miss event for all Fox lovers!

Whatever events you choose to participate in, official or not, Mustang Week 2019 is sure to be a blast as always! See you at the beach!