Anyone who’s ever seen a Top Fuel dragster in person can attest to the incredibly nasty, insane horsepower levels demonstrated at the hit of the throttle. So nasty, in fact, that the sheer power of the engine requires incredible amounts of downforce to keep performance sustainable on the racetrack.

nitro1But what if you had the means and ability to take a Top Fuel engine ingesting healthy amounts of nitro and put it into a door car chassis? Darren Di Filippo, the Australian owner of DPE Performance Exhaust, is just the guy.

It seems as if they “do things bigger” down under, and this falls smack dab into the “don’t try this at home unless you have gobs of money and an insane need to outdo the rest of the world” category.

From what we understand, the engine will run on 80% nitro and carry somewhere north of 6,000 horsepower. Yes - that’s equivalent to six NMRA Renegade powerplants stuffed into the chassis of one single Mustang. Di Filippo is a well-known Top Fuel/Jet Car driver and appears to be just the guy to make this project a reality.

The car was not built to run the quarter-mile, but simply be a Power Cruise/burnout machine the likes of none seen anywhere on the planet, ever. The engine was assembled from pieces found in Di Filippo’s leftover parts bin, and what better way to put them to good use?

There is no steering wheel - just a pair of wheel knobs that appear designed to help whip the car through donuts with ease. A slight tickle of the throttle on the blown Hemi leaves a pair of black marks on the concrete pad - this badass contraption is excess at its finest.

What gearhead in their right mind wouldn’t want one of these? Granted, nitro-fueled doorslammer aren’t a new thing — the Super Chevy Show contested Nitro Coupes on low dosages for years and Don Wootton tried it in the ADRL - but this is a whole different animal on 80%. And whether it ever makes a pass or not, we dig it!