This summer the Bullrun rally will celebrate it’s tenth anniversary. This is one of the most well known road rally’s in the USA, and a unique experience as it sends drivers of a myriad of cars, through the back roads of America, and typically involves several celebrities. The drivers never know the next stop or the route they’ll be taking from day to day.

For the third year in a row Team Mustang Girls will participate in the rally. This is one of the few all-female teams, and the only one to participate that will run a classic car on the trip.

More than just another pretty face behind the wheel, Courtney Barber owns, wrenches, and drives the wheels off her 1965 Mustang coupe all on her own. With teammate and friend Lori Sumlin as her co-pilot the two ladies are gunning for the big dogs in this year’s rally.

Barber has recently tilted the odds more in her favor by swapping out the Mustang’s engine for a fresh 351 Windsor mill. “I’m hooked on the power, and can’t wait to get to the drag strip,” she tells us. We’re anxious to see what the duo from South Carolina can accomplish during this year’s excursion, which takes place the first week of June. Participants will rally from Montreal, Canada to New Orleans, Louisiana across the seven day event. Barber says she doesn’t believe in shipping the car anywhere, she and Sumlin will be making the long haul in the Stang from Charleston to the starting point and then back home from New Orleans once it’s all over.

Barber is hoping this Fusia 351 Windsor will give her car the horsepower necessary to take on some of the big dog exotics in the rally.

Barber is currently searching for sponsors for this year’s run, and we’ll be working on a full feature on the car and team to bring to you later this year. For now look for Bull Run to air on MTV2, and you can follow Team Mustang Girls and track their progress during the rally on their Facebook page. We know who we’re cheering for in this year’s event, good luck ladies!