Whether you’re a fan of the latest in Ford Performance or an overall Mustang enthusiast, everyone can benefit from spending a day at the Ford Performance Racing School in Grantsville, Utah, for its one- or two-day racing program. If you’ll recall, we were invited last year to attend Ford’s GT350 Track Attack program in Buttonwillow, California, which was another iteration of its one-day racing school, albeit that one was Shelby- specific.

Fortunately, our friends at AmericanMuscle were able to experience the one-day, Utah-based program and share their experience in its latest episode of the Hot Lap video series via YouTube. AmericanMuscle’s own Stephanie Wood is no stranger to modified Mustangs.

She had the pleasure of piloting a race-prepped 2015 Mustang GT built specifically for the school. The school Mustangs are modified with a host of components which help them perform around the road course, including a custom Ford Performance exhaust system, an upgraded aluminum radiator, an external engine oil cooler, a rear differential cooler, and a set of BFGoodrich G-Force Comp 2 tires on all four corners. Inside the cabin, custom Recaro racing seats kept Steph safe and secure, while a four-point racing harness keeps her pinned, thanks to a custom six-point roll cage.

As Stephanie points out in the video above, nearly every modification on the race-prepped Mustangs can be performed on yours too with the help of AmericanMuscle. It’s safe to say, if you’re modifying your Mustang to the tune of a race-prepped replica with parts from AmericanMuscle, you might want to check out the Ford Performance Racing School in Utah for yourself.

It wouldn’t hurt to learn how to use all of those parts properly, would it?