Barrett-Jackson has become known as an auction house with a bit of everything, from unobtainable masterpieces to cars for the common man. This means just about any automobile that can move under its own power might show up on the B-J auction block. So it shouldn’t be surprising that cars of “questionable” taste might show up for auction from time to time.

Perhaps questionable is too soft a word to describe Sylvester Stallone’s “Bladerunner” Mustang. Eye-gougingly horrendous is a more apt term to describe this automotive atrocity that somehow still drew a winning bid at the Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson event of $77,000.


This poor 2006 Mustang has been raked over the coals of bad taste and worse trends multiple times. Stallone felt it necessary to have his initials scrawled into the seats and floor mats. The two-tone red/black paint job was carry to shiny extremes inside and out, including the supercharged 4.6 liter engine that makes a very respectable 550 horsepower.

What really hurts the looks of this Mustang though are the multiple “blades” and flames running the length of the car. It makes for a messy transition from red to black, and the ultra-aggressive body kit doesn’t much help matters. Seems that as much input as the Stallone must have had on this car, he didn’t spend too much time driving it. It has just 4,500 miles on the odometer and comes with 20” Foose chrome wheels, Wilwood brakes, and an updated convertible top. So was it worth the $77,000 winning bid, or would you rather go all Rambo on this ridiculous Mustang?