With all the much-deserved hype surrounding the latest Coyote Mustangs, it might be easy to get discouraged about your pre-2011 Mustang. However, the specialists at Brenspeed have shown that, with the right combination, the Three-Valve 4.6-liter engine in the 2005-2010 Mustangs is still a vital performer.

This Three-Valve Mustang is one sweet ride. — Brenspeed

“This Three-Valve Mustang is one sweet ride,” says Brenspeed. “It is set up for the drag strip and runs the parts in the links below. This used to be a daily driver but now it spends its weekends at the track.

To make the most of those weekends, this S197 benefits from a 2.3-liter Roush Performance TVS supercharger augmented with the proper supporting hardware. The star of that supporting cast is one of Brenspeed’s robust 4.6 short-blocks dressed out with Kooks long-tube headers and tied together with Brenspeed custom calibration delivered via and SCT Performance tuner (see sidebar for the full mod list).

Brenspeed 2008 Mustang GT Mods

• Brenspeed Stage 3 B326 stroker long-block

• Brenspeed Three-Valve Mustang cooling mods

• Ford Performance throttle body

• Kooks long-tube headers

Roush Performance supercharger

SCT Performance X4 handheld tuner

Strange Engineering disc brakes

The result, as you see in the video above, is 2008 Mustang that puts down over 660 ponies to the rear wheels, which makes for stout S197 combo. For more on the Brenspeed S197 mods, you can check out the company’s packages right here.