On the latest episode of Street Outlaws, Farmtruck and AZN hit the streets to host another Cash Days: The Daily Driver Battle. While many of us are no strangers to this type of heads-up competition, this particular episode was Mustang-friendly and featured a couple of impressive daily driven ponies that were ready to battle it out for the $25,000 top prize.

While the entire episode was quite entertaining, our primary focus of was on the s550 Mustang battle between Street Outlaws stars James “Birdman” Finney and the Daddy Dave.

The reason these daily drivers races are so popular and so much fun is that it takes us back to where we started. — AZN, Street Outlaws

The rules for this episode were pretty simple. Cars had to be inspected before racing to be deemed daily driver-worthy by Farmtruck and AZN.

“The reason these daily drivers races are so popular and so much fun is that it takes us back to where we started,” AZN replied. “This is grassroots racing at its finest.”

Limitless Performance Twin-Turbo 2016 Mustang GT

• Circle D Limitless Performance-spec converter

• Limitless Performance custom tuning

• Limitless Performance-built transmission

• Limitless Performance twin-turbo kit

• Mickey Thompson street radials

• Stock engine and rear-end

If there’s one man who is feared most in no prep racing, it’s James “Birdman” Finney. For this race, Birdman was chosen to race the Limitless Performance 2016 Mustang GT.

“The car I am driving is a 2016 Mustang,” he said. “It’s a twin-turbo, with factory injectors in it and it’s about a 1,000-horsepower motor.”

Limitless Performance regularly competes in street and no-prep events all over the South, and we had the chance to catch up with owner Justin Brandes to find out more about this LPF-built 2016 Mustang.

“From building turbo kits, transmissions, motors, and custom tuning we do it all here at Limitless Performance,” Justin said. “All the parts on this kit are available for purchase on our website, and we can custom build twin-turbo packages to meet each customer’s needs and goals.”LPF

Justin went on to say that this particular setup regularly yeads gains as high as 850-975 rear-wheel horsepower on a stock engine, but there is more to come.

“The car recently received one of our built 1,500 short-blocks and is turned up even more,” he added. “The stock motor is still in great condition after real legitimate abuse and daily driving.”
The competition in this race is a familiar machine. Leave it to Daddy Dave to bring out the big guns and his 2018 DDR Mustang. This dealer-prepped stallion is specifically built to be the ultimate daily driver. It is fitted with a ProCharger that boosts the 2018 Mustang GT’s dual-fuel Coyote up several performance notches to a conservative 750 horsepower and 520 lb-ft of torque.

This episode of Street Outlaws provided plenty of daily driver drama, and although the complete episode has not been officially released for free on the internet, we can say that both Daddy Dave and Birdman knocked out some stiff competition before this S550 matchup went down.

One of the highlights of the show was definitely this S550 showdown. With the win over the DDR Goliath Mustang, Birdman went on to face Kamikaze and was knocked out in his quest for the $25,000 top prize.The daily driver episode of Street Outlaws was one of our favorite of the season, and while we are not going to spoil who came out on top if you are a true Blue Oval enthusiast, the Cash Days: The Daily Driver battle is an episode you don’t want to miss.

ProCharged DDR Goliath 2018 Mustang

BMR Suspension upgrades
• DDR-spec ProCharger Stage 2 w/ helical-gear P-1X, race air-to-air intercooler, and black finish on intercooler and supercharger
• Nitto NT-555G2 ultra-high-performance tires
• Staggered, black-finish Velgen 20-inch wheels
• Stainless Works cat-back exhaust w/ black tips and active valve control