1200-4Jason Terry of Odessa, Texas, grew up around cars and has been working on them since he was young. His dad and older brothers were into restoring Model As and other antique cars to their original state. Jason, his four older brothers, and his one sister all shared a 1964 and ½ Mustang as their driver to and from school. “I loved that car as a kid and always wanted another one,” Jason told us. “I wanted a classic Mustang, but one that was a little on the wild side.” That is one reason why he decided to build this project car.

That is one good looking Mustang.

The other reason is that he wanted to give his sons the opportunity to learn the skills he had learned in his teen years, and to that end, Jason and his two sons, Blake and Logan, worked on the car every night after he bought it. It took only three months for this project to go from start to finish, and they have had it for about a year. That means that Jason and his two sons have been wreaking havoc around town and winning trophies at car shows for a little over nine months.

Jason and his two sons making some progress on the car.

The build on this Mustang features the engine and running gear out of a ‘90s Fox Body Mustang. It has a stroked 347 cubic-inch engine that was built by Shannon Wilson in Odesa, Texas. The rest of the drivetrain is made up of a C6 transmission with a 3,500 stall converter and 8.8-inch rearend with 3.73:1 gearing.


“We tore the car completely apart as soon as we got it home,” Jason explained. “We started ordering new parts and stripping it down to get ready for body work. The car was pretty solid but did have the usual Mustang rust that we cut out and welded new metal in.” They did all of the body work and paint themselves and they painted the car using top quality PPG base and clear. They then cut and buffed it for a show quality shine.

1200-3While up to this point, they’ve just had the car out and about locally, they plan on taking it to some national shows in the coming years. Jason’s kids really enjoy the attention their car gets, especially since they played such a big part in its restoration. If you want to see more of Jason’s car, and hear it run, check out this YouTube video above that he shared with us.

A little rust repair (left) and some freshly painted parts (right).

Jason reached out and told us about his impressive car after seeing a few other vehicles in our Street Feature series. He felt his ride was worthy of some recognition, and we agreed. We’d love to see the kind of cars that you are driving, and include your pride and joy in the Street Muscle garage. So don’t hesitate to send us some pictures and a few details on your classic ride. It might just end up being Street Featured, just like Jason’s Mustang.