When the 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt made its official debut at the North American International Auto Show back in January of 2018, we knew Bullitt enthusiasts were in for a treat.

Everything about this car, from the Dark Highland Green paint scheme to the increase in performance over a stock Mustang GT, had us excited to see what the aftermarket had in store for this iconic vehicle once they got their hands on one.

This month, Steeda Performance Vehicles announced they had finished production of the first official Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt Mustang and are in full production at its four USA-based assembly locations as well as partners in the UK and Australia.

This limited production run vehicle (only 300 units per model year) will transform an already impressive muscle car into an ultra-high performance edition Mustang that is purposely built to deliver supreme performance, improved driving dynamics, and offers increased exclusivity that would have made Steve McQueen proud.

The Steve McQueen Edition was designed with a close collaboration between the estate of Steve McQueen, Chad McQueen, McQueen Racing, and Steeda Autosports.

I wanted to kick the already strong performance up several notches without losing that essential style that makes this car so desirable. - Chad McQueen

“Ford’s Mustang has always been a big part of my dad’s legend,” said Chad McQueen, a professional racer and Steve McQueen’s only son. “I wanted to kick the already strong performance up several notches without losing that essential style that makes this car so desirable.”

Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt Mustang Features

  • Powertrain: Naturally Aspirated 550hp or Whipple Supercharged 775hp
  • Paint: available only in Dark Highland Green
  • Suspension: lowered 1-inch in the front and rear
  • Wheels: Custom Steve McQueen Edition 20×10 front and 20×11 rear
  • Tires: Nitto NT555 G2 275/35/20 front and 315/35/20 rear
  • Exclusive McQueen Racing Performance Powertrain, Suspension, and Handling Parts Engineered, Tested, and Developed in Collaboration with McQueen Racing and Steeda Autosports
  • A Purchasers Package that includes a Letter of Authenticity Signed Steve McQueen Edition Commemorative Print by Camilo Pardo, and other desirable Steve McQueen items
  • Commemorative Steve McQueen Edition Rear License Plate Numbered JJZ109 – a nod to the original movie car

Steve McQueen Edition Whipple Supercharger Upgrade

In addition to the twenty-seven chassis, suspension, and drivetrain upgraded components that make this vehicle so unique; Bullitt owners will now be able to choose from a naturally aspirated or boosted version of the 5.0L Coyote engine.

Steeda recently announced that its naturally aspirated version of the Bullitt Mustang is now at a potent 550-horsepower with the new McQueen Racing performance tune.

This is an increase of up to 50 horsepower over the previously released numbers, which gives this Pony a total gain of up to 70 horsepower above the original stock Bullitt power output of 480 horsepower!

But if you are a hardcore enthusiast interested in making that jump to boost, the Steve McQueen Edition Whipple Supercharger Power Upgrade will take you to that next level of performance.

The Gen 5 Whipple supercharger system features the brand-new 3.0L front-feed twin-screw supercharger that will boost your S550 to an incredible 775+ horsepower and includes the McQueen Racing/Ford Performance Severe Duty IRS Half-Shaft Upgrade.

We contacted Jody Brown, Key Master Tech at Steeda Performance Vehicles as they were finishing up the build on the first Whipple Supercharged vehicle.

“Choosing Whipple as our primary supercharger for the Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt Mustang was a no brainer,” remarked Jody. “Our design team sat down with Chad McQueen to find out some of the lessons learned from his racing days, and we wanted to provide our customers with a boosted option that stays true to what Steve McQueen himself would want under the hood.”

Jody went on to say that this particular supercharger build is outfitted with the 10-rib belt system and ATI Performance Super Damper that will work with both stock and heavily modified engines.

The result is a killer looking system that is sure to withstand the type of abuse Bullitt Mustang owners expect in their street-driven machines.

Steeda’s Bullitt Mustang Up-Fitting Program

If you have already received your stock 2019 Bullitt Mustang or have one on order, you can still take advantage of this up-fitting program from Steeda Performance Vehicles.

“We have received many inquiries from Mustang enthusiasts that have already purchased a 2019 Bullitt and later found out about the Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt Mustang,” said Joe Day, Global Sales Director for Steeda Performance Vehicles. “Our answer is a resounding yes; we are ready to upgrade your stock vehicle into a Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt.”

The Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt Mustang is strictly limited to 300 serialized versions (globally) per year. Vehicle reservation deposits are now being accepted by Steeda Certified Dealers and directly from retail customers.

To find out more about this limited edition vehicle including price, optional equipment, and powertrain options you can click on the Steeda Performance Vehicles official website here or you can directly contact Joe Day the Global Sales Director for Steeda Performance Vehicles at [email protected]

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