Moser Engineering was founded by Greg Moser in 1982 to fulfill a need that the racers in the local area had. The company evolved into much more than a simple axle re-splining business when Moser began to manufacture their own high performance axles for racers in all types of racing. The company continued to create driveline components and is now one of the leading manufacturers of rearends and rearend components for high performance and off-road vehicles in the world.


The drive to make Moser Engineering started with Greg Moser, but soon enough, the business of racing became a family affair. His son Rob began racing in the weekends while learning the axle business during the week. As Rob began to take over more of the family operation, Greg was able to pursue other interests like building aircraft and establishing Moser Aviation.

Rob Moser continues in his father’s footsteps, making racing part of the family business.

Sadly, Greg Moser, his wife Marianne, were killed 12 years ago in May of 2003, along with Moser Engineering plant manager Jeff Bickel and his wife Eileen. Moser had experience building several airplanes, including some WWII replicas, and was flying a home-built Lancair IV aircraft when the flight encountered severe weather.

Rob’s son Justen is the third generation of Moser racers to take the family name to the track.

Despite the loss of the company’s founder, Rob and the family business soldiered on. The crew did as they have always done, raced and found ways to improve racing drivetrains. As the video shows, Rob is still racing at the top levels today, while other members of the family have infiltrated into other top classes. The team brings a support trailer to all of the events and works diligently to keep other racers involved in the sport.

The Moser Corvette provides a test platform for new parts.

From meager beginnings in 1982, the Moser family have turned a passion into a business that gives as much back as it gets.