Twenty-five years ago, when five-liter pony cars were only putting out around 210 horsepower, Specialty Auto Parts’ Proform brand was the first to popularize affordable, new starters, alternators, distributors, and harmonic balancers.

Proform Parts continues to provide you with the optimum combination of high quality and value.

In their GM Performance Parts line, one of the new highlights is this slant-edge valve cover. It offers more internal clearance than most other valve covers because of an innovative mold design. A slant-edge valve cover should be available for Ford fans by the time you read this. Proform Parts already has over 50 items under the Ford Racing banner, with more to come.

Applying to no specific automotive brand are a new line of trick engine building tools. Maybe you won’t need a billet electric ring filer every single day, but it’s nice to see that specialized tools such as this are now affordable to the backyard mechanic. It comes with a rechargeable NiCad battery, so just make sure it’s charged when it’s time to use it! Other available items formerly made of “unobtanium” are this camshaft installation handle and a pro degree wheel – attach this over-sized degree wheel to a professional crankshaft turning socket and you’re done!

It’s an expensive hobby. Specialty Auto Parts’ Proform brand helps us grunts reduce the competitive advantage of the Big Boys.