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A pair of over-the-top, custom Mustangs owned and created for the legendary pop music duo Sonny & Cher are set to hit the auction block this January at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona. The pair of 1966 Ford Mustang convertibles were highly customized by the King Of Kustomizers George Barris for the famous couple.

Both cars feature a basically stock and still to this day feature the original 289 V8 engines and C4 automatic transmissions. However, beyond that both cars are quite unique. They both feature flared wheel wells, simulated hood scoops, and custom bodywork on every corner of the car.

(Photo Credit: Barrett-Jackson)

Cher’s Mustang is finished fittingly in Hot Pink — 40 coats of pink lacquer to be exact, which was a George Barris trademark. The side panels are finished in a red suede, while the interiorfeatures a white ermine fur and black Scottish leather, all trimmed out in hot pink. Hot pink fur carpeting finishes off the wild look of the interior. Cher’s car also features a one-off set of Raider custom wheels, different from those found on Sonny’s car. Besides the color, this is one of the only exterior differences between the two cars.

Sonny’s Mustang is a bit less flamboyant than Cher’s. Finished in a more eye-appealing Murano Gold Pearl with brown suede inserts on the sides, Sonny’s car features an interior finished in bobcat fur and antique buff leather. Like Cher’s ride, Sonny’s pony also sports a one-off custom set of Raider wheels. Sonny’s wheels are more of a five-spoke design rather than the multi-spoke pattern found on Cher’s car.


When you hear the name George Barris, you expect something over the top, and these cars definitely fit the bill. Between the bobcat and white ermine fur, not to mention the 3-inch shag carpets, these two interiors are definitely out of the ordinary.

This is not the first time we have saw these George Barris-built Mustangs cross the auction block. After residing in a private collection for over 25 years, the cars first saw the light of day at RM’s Collector Cars Of Ft. Lauderdale auction back in February of 2009 at which time they sold as a pair for $198,000. The cars sold again as seen in the video above in at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale back in January of 2010.

With the passing of George Barris, the popularity of the man and his cars have done nothing but go up. It will be interesting to see what kind of number the cars can pull on their third trip across the auction block this January in Arizona. To check out the listings for yourself, click here for Cher’s Mustang, and here for Sonny’s.

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