CJPonyParts_140801_50-30_01CJ Ponyv5SEMA is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world, held annually in none other than Las Vegas. Over 60,000 buyers, vendors, media, etc., head tothe Las Vegas Convention Center and check out the hottest new aftermarket parts and builds. Just in case you were not aware, SEMA, otherwise known as the Specialty Equipment Market Association, is not just your typical car event, it’s the event. In the automotive industry, it’s the event everybody spends months getting ready for, and if presenting a car, many spend the whole year building and prepping for next year’s show. SEMA builds aren’t just your average car build, these cars bring their A-game and always have that “wow” factor.

With that said, CJ Pony Parts is bringing out a big gun this year, building one sweet ’65 Ford Mustang to prove it. CJ Pony Parts has appropriately dubbed the build Project 50/Thirty, named after both the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang, and after the 30th anniversary of CJ Pony Parts. CJ’s recently tweeted a photo of this car and gave us a sneak peek.

Components for this build come from companies such as Ford Racing, TMI Products, Magnaflow, Ridetech, Scott Drake, MBRP, Vortech, Niche Wheels, Baer Brakes, and many others that can turn a classic Mustang into a modern monster. From what we can tell, sitting inside of the engine bay is a Ford Racing Coyote crate engine mated to a Vortech supercharger. The rumbly exhaust setup comes from MBRP and Magnaflow. A smooth ride is a must with an air ride setup by Ridetech and of course, intense stopping power thanks to massive Baer brakes. Wheels were custom built by Niche (20×10 rear, 20×8 front) for the project, and TMI Products hooked up the whole interior for the ride.

If planning to attend SEMA this year, you can find this ’65 sitting pretty in TMI Products booth on Restoration Row. We’ll be watching for this car when we hit the SEMA show, and you can follow the build by checking out CJ Pony Parts on Twitter and Facebook.