This is one wild tale. Is it the perpetrator’s name that gives it away? Or that he was arrested for driving without a license, perhaps? How about the fact that he wasn’t even driving a Mustang in the first place? (Oh, the irony.) It’s an all-around disappointment you might say, and we would agree.

That’s because Shelby Mustang GT500 Miller (We have to ask ourselves, was this really his birth name?) wasn’t quite swift enough to elude the long arm of the law.

But driving without a license wasn’t this Shelby’s only offense. As described by The Smoking Gun, he was stopped by an Arkansas state trooper for not wearing his seatbelt, along with not having proof of liability insurance required in the state of Arkansas. Shelby was promptly detained and arrested by the Arkansas officer, and bail was set at $450.

At least he wasn’t driving a Shelby GT500 when he was pulled over.

What’s more is that his license was either suspended or revoked, and it’s clear that he shouldn’t have been driving. On that note, we have a feeling this won’t be the last time we’ve hear from Shelby Mustang GT500 Miller. Just three years ago in Des Moines, Iowa, he was arrested on multiple charges. Apparently he likes to live that thug life, having been arrested in Iowa after a brawl broke out between himself and other bar-going patrons, when he allegedly returned to the scene with a hatchet under his shirt.

That begs the question: Was the name Chevrolet Camaro SS already taken?