PortraitIf you’re the kind of person who can afford to buy a $55,000 Shelby GT500, you’re probably the kind of person who enjoys playing a good game of golf. Of course even if you can’t afford an authentic Shelby, you can still enjoy a spirited round of links, and if you’ve got a few extra bucks lying around, you could even have a custom golf cart styled after your favorite vehicle.

For us Mustang fans, what better vehicle could we style our cart after than the latest and greatest GT500? Caddyshack Golf Carts of Palm Desert, California is offering an officially-licensed Shelby GT500 golf cart, with a 3.1 horsepower motor and a 19.5 mph top speed.

Being officially licensed, these Caddyshack golf carts come in official colors from PPG paint like Deep Impact Blue, Performance White, Grabber Blue, and three other colors. The 12-inch aluminum wheels add a touch of class to this cart, and it even rides on hydraulic shock absorbers and leaf springs. Anyone who has ridden course-supplied cart knows how rough those rides can be.

It’s the little details that make this custom cart awesome though. The horn, headlights, turn signals, and emergency flashers all work, just like a real Shelby, and there are options like a custom cover to keep your cart clean. Caddyshack will also be offering Boss 302 and Shelby Super Snake versions, but its hard to mess with a classic like the GT500.