(Photo credit: Nitrous Express)

SEMA 2017 brought us some pretty radical stuff for the Blue Oval market. On the traditional Ford performance side, Holley Performance Products released its all-new Hi-Ram EFI intake manifold for 351W applications.

As the newest edition to the Holley 351W application lineup, the Hi-Ram intake manifold features a runner length and design which fits a wide variety of applications, including naturally aspirated and forced induction. Speaking of forced induction, how do you make Holley’s latest and greatest intake manifold that much better? By adding a big shot of the juice, of course.

Nitrous Express now offers its Holley Hi-Ram Plenum Plate System, and even includes this system in a complete nitrous kit if you wish (PN 20940-10).

“These high tech nitrous plates bolt between the upper and lower intake manifold on Holley Hi-Ram manifolds for a quick and clean install,” says Blake from Nitrous Express. “Nitrous and fuel are injected into each cylinder from the side of the runner providing direct port like distribution without having a flow restricting nozzle or spray bar in the runner.”

(Photo credit: Nitrous Express)

The high tech nitrous plates are constructed from billet aluminum, so there’s no worrying about the possibility of leaks occurring, according to the company.

Of course Nitrous Express includes everything necessary for installing one of its kits on your Ford, but if you’re looking for more information on one of these kits for your Holley Hi-Ram equipped build, we recommend you check out the NX website here for more information.