For more than half a century, one of the traditional highlights of the SEMA Show has never really been part of the actual show. We’re talking about the real-time SEMA roll-out experience, where Las Vegas car fans line the streets to witness the most stunning cars, trucks, and race vehicles ripping out of the Las Vegas Convention Center all while breathing in sweet race gas fumes. The finale of the SEMA Show never had any official designation until a few years ago when SEMA management packaged it up into an automotive afterparty and so, SEMA Ignited was born.

There is something for everyone at SEMA Ignited, and all auto enthusiasts and consumers are invited to attend. — Chris Kersting, SEMA CEO

SEMA Ignited 2019 may be the sixth-annual running of the outdoor car event, but having been every year, we can confirm the level of entertainment rises every year. Sure SEMA knows how to organize show halls, provide education, set up and tear down of an aftermarket performance show, but what do they know about an afterparty? Apparently a lot since attendance numbers, caliber of vehicles, show features, and vendors continue to go next-level for quantity and quality.

Don't forget the Battle of the Builders competition wraps up live at the SEMA Ignited event. Kyle Tucker of Detroit Speed took the famed jacket last year with a '69 Camaro dubbed 'TUX."


“There is something for everyone at SEMA Ignited, and all auto enthusiasts and consumers are invited to attend,” said Chris Kersting, SEMA President and CEO. “SEMA Ignited is a great opportunity for [fans] to connect with the unique builds and products from the SEMA Show.”

Kersting couldn’t be more correct, because every year it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get into the SEMA Show. The show is for trade and media only, so SEMA is taking many steps to ensure the sold-out 4-day event isn’t crowded with tourists versus industry professionals. SEMA Ignited is one of the best-bang-for-the-buck shows anyone will ever see in Vegas for less than the price of an Aria hotel cocktail.

There is something for everyone at SEMA Ignited. Fans can catch the best drifters doing a tire-shredding exhibition, the latest in truck technology, or watch freestyle motocrossers fly through the air.

The base ticket price is only $20, but the VIP pass with a free T-shirt and prime seating is $75. After day-four of working the SEMA Show, we know show-goers are ready to crawl into a casket voluntarily but remind our fellow pros that SEMA Ignited is free for SEMA badge holders. Be sure to hit up the Las Vegas Convention Center - Platinum Lot on November 8, 2019, to watch it all go down.

For what to expect from this SEMA Show 2019 after-party, have a look at the SEMA Ignited site.

SEMA Ignited 2019 is open to the public and displays the best SEMA Show cars and trucks.