DeatschWerks is a company that knows how to meet the need of the consumer, and when it comes to gearheads, the consumer can be quite the high-maintenance person! At the 2017 SEMA show in Las Vegas, DeatschWerks setup to showcase the best of their new product offerings from LS, as well as other performance applications. If you’ve been looking for a better way to fuel your car, DeatschWerks probably has an option at their 2017 SEMA booth.

While their name might be synonymous with fuel injectors, DeatschWerks has some of the most capable fuel system products out there. New for this year is the introduction of the highest flowing in-tank fuel pump on the market. The 415 liter-per-hour pump is capable of handling 1,000 horsepower on pump gas and can handle 750-horsepower on E85.

Their low pressure 3-18 PSI carb regulator will support over 2,000 horsepower and is compatible with Weber, Holley, and Edelbrock carbs. A smaller footprint pump offers more flexibility in the installation, with support of up to 1,000 horsepower. This incredible pump even comes with a 3-year warranty. They also introduced a new expanded line of fuel pressure regulators, one of which-the DWR1000 C1-is low profile to allow it to mount in almost any position and capable of supporting over 1,000 horsepower. New fuel rails for LS applications, as well as a large selection of new AN pressure lines and fittings were on display which DeatschWerks will now be carrying.

In addition to the new products from DeatschWerks, they are also offering a new program where they will install pumps for you, which will make it possible to completely avoid any error during installation. This service is affordable and fast, and will give you a peace of mind when it comes to your new fuel pump.

Left: New LS fuel rails were just one application in which DeatschWerks is expanding. Right: DeatschWerks' low profile regulator PN DWR1000 C1/C2.