We’re sure you’re well aware, the more you get into the engine, the more you get out. Overall, your engine will run smoother, make more power and probably even get you a gain in fuel mileage to boot. With this in mind, BORLA set out do what you wouldn’t expect most exhaust companies to do; complete inductions systems. Since BORLA already produces a variety of complete exhaust systems, it makes sense to see induction systems come into play; creating a well-rounded performance package.

Borla’s newly acquired induction systems (formerly TWM Induction) allows for a complete package, beginning with the fuel and air delivery, all the way to the exhuast. Eack kit in the BORLA Induction lineup incorporates proven race-winning technology from TWM Induction, which recently celebrated 28 years in business. Components include a cast aluminum manifold and throttle bodies, air horns, fuel rails and fittings, a billet capstan linkage kit, adjustable fuel pressure regulator and throttle position sensor.

A wide variety of options are available, from polished finishes and powder-coating to ECU kits, fuel injectors, high-pressure fuel pumps and more. Best part, BORLA has made sure to cover the gamut. BORLA is making these induction kits available for Ford 302, 351 Windsor, 427 FE and 460 powerplants. Plus, available for Chevy big-block, GM LS1/LS2/LS3 and the 6.1L Hemi.

Of course, you can still rely on BORLA for your exhaust needs as well. New for SEMA 2012 was the BORLA Chevrolet Camaro ZL1/1LE and Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 cat-back systems available in the S-Type. S-Type kits features a more aggressive and head-turning reaction of straight-through power. It’s just the right blend of packing filament, straight-through core dimensions, core perforation pattern, and cylindrical shape to deliver the intoxicating Borla “Sound of Power” with every squeeze of the throttle.

For more on BORLA’s all-new induction systems for your application or complete fitment guide on the exhuast side, make sure to visit BORLA’s website, right here.