If you love racing of all sorts and think it would be cool to get into the business as an engine builder SAM, the School of Automotive Machinists, has all the classes you need to get a job in the engine building world. The courses cover all you need to know to get the education needed to machine major engine parts. There are four different curriculums offered at the school.

The first course is Block Machining. It covers basics like tools and safety to machinist math and measurements for inspection. The curriculum goes over all you need to know down to blueprinting, assembly, and more. This course also teaches the student how to operate the equipment needed in the shop to perform the machining of the block as well. Everything the student needs to know for fully machining and inspecting an engine block is covered.

The next curriculum is Cylinder Head Machining and it covers basics from function and theory along with tools up to cleaning, blueprinting, and assembly. The course explores the “hows and whys” of the many components of the cylinder head assembly and their relationship to each other. The function and various material compositions of cylinder head castings and components will also be covered.

SAM also covers CNC Machining course that covers tools, introduction to CAM software, machining operations for major engine components and more. The CNC Machining course teaches the student how to get the most gains through conventional techniques and then digitize the part so that gains can be improved further using the CAM software among other things.

The fourth and final curriculum offered at the school is a Block and Head Machining Combo. It combines the Block and Cylinder Head machining courses into one program. If you want to learn to tear down, inspect, machine, and assembly the block and heads for a performance engine in one go, this combination course is what you want. After the coursework is completed, SAM also offers assistance finding you a job.