Mustang fans around the world are searching on a daily basis, trying to find a glimpse of what the upcoming 2015 model will look like as well as details on the “new” Mustang. We’ve been reading rumors for at least a year now, and looking at artist renderings, some by so called experts, some just by individuals.

Perhaps the strongest indicators came from the EVOS concept and some of Ford’s recent vehicles which utilize the Kinetic design language. We also know that the retro look is going to be out. While the car will doubt retain it’s long hood and short deck appearance that has been a design hallmark since the first Mustang went on sale, it will no doubt share little else aside from badging in terms of design with current or past cars.

We recently came across an article with these two sketches. The source claimed that he had seen a few concept drawings of the 2015 Mustang. He then reproduced them as best he could from memory and of course immediately shared them. The drawings would seem to suggest the heavy EVOS/Kinetic design language. They also include the short deck, long front look the car is known for. Also of interest is the dramatically close appearance to the Aston Martin Vanquish. Ford owned Aston for a time and it’s often been said the new Fusion has the look of an Aston Martin. That lends at least a small amount of credibility to the claims.

Is this the direction that Ford is heading with the 2015 Mustang? We’re not sure, and of course there is no way to solidly confirm the artists claims. Ford has been extremely secretive on the design aspects of the new car, leaving us all to speculate. It could be anyone’s guess, we’ll find out who was right and who was wrong when we see the official concept debut. Ford has not yet said when that will be.