Unfortunately, as with many endeavors, hard work often goes unnoticed. Building a car is no different. That’s why it’s always impressive to see those that build their cars on their own and those that go the extra mile to make it not just a machine on four wheels, but truly a piece of art.

Those who have mastered that skill know when it comes to restoring a vehicle, or even just giving one some TLC that hasn’t had any in a while – every piece counts.

Basically, the company Classic Industries literally exists for this exact reason. They make quality restoration parts for a wide array of applications. Practically anything you’ll need to take on a restoration project – they’ll likely have it.

One of the largest platforms Classic Industries caters to, the Ford Mustang, recently received a lineup of new products. Some of those being reproduction tail lamp bezels for 1964-1970 model years. Classic’s bezels are constructed from zinc die cast materials. All the details are there, with some of them featuring a polished bright chrome finish, all the way down to the factory-style painted accents.

Whether one’s broken or missing, or you’re doing a complete restoration – Classic’s got you covered. They’re available individually or sold as a set, and include a gasket and mounting studs to easily ensure you have everything you need to get them your Stang.

So, from full-on, frame-off, rotisserie restorations, to simply replacing a broken taillight bezel, Classic Industries has you covered. To shop these new bezels, check out the links below.