Ever since the first two cars hit the same road we wanted to know who was faster. In 2015, nothing has changed. We still want to be faster than the next guy/girl, especially within the Mustang community. When one guy/girl runs a certain time, we want to beat it with our own Mustang. And in this day and age when people claim a record just because 10 of their buddies were at the track with them, there’s one record that seems to stand out among the rest of them.

That record is Mark Duber’s 8.80 at 164 mph in a 6-speed Shelby GT500. That is unofficially the official Shelby GT500 6-speed record. Mark actually established the record at a national event, the NMRA Nationals at Budds Creek (MIR) last May. Mark raced the Shelby in the SVT Shootout, specifically designed for Cobras, Lightnings, and of course, Shelby GT500s.

As pointed out, records are set to be broken. For Jeff Scofield and his ’14 GT500, he was content with the show scene, showing off for his legion of Instagram fans (Numbering over 74,000 at this writing) with the car’s Air Lift Performance airbag system, color-changing headlights and fog lights, and a variety of wheel and tire combinations.

However, Jeff became a little bored with that, deciding to take the Shelby to the track and see what it would do. Jeff does most of his fast driving around Florida’s short tracks at the wheel of a Super Late Model, so he knows the fast way around the track, but corner exit speed isn’t that important in drag racing. Prior to taking the Shelby to the track, the short block had already been prepped for a lot of boost thanks to Progressive Racing Engines in Miami Gardens, Florida. The Kenne Bell 3.6LC supercharger answers the bell to the tune of 26-27 pounds of boost, while Lund Racing’s Jon Lund keeps the combination running in concert. A McLeod RXT clutch sits between the built 5.8L and stock TR-6060 6-speed transmission. The stock 8.8 resides out back with 3.73 gears.


The first trip to Bradenton Motorsports Park on the bags resulted in a best-of 9.55 at 147 mph. The bags wouldn’t allow the car to transfer weight to the rear and keep it there, so the 60-ft time was less-than-stellar. However, who would’ve thought you could run 9.50s on bags?! That alone is an accomplishment, but still short of Duber’s record. The challenge, along with the poor 60-ft times, was keeping inlet air temperatures from skyrocketing during the runs. By 3rd and 4th gear, high IATs caused the tune to pull timing, which kept the combination from making full power at the top end.

Prior to this past Sunday’s track outing, Jeff removed the bags, and replaced them with a conventional spring, shock, and strut arrangement from BMR Suspension to go along with many other BMR suspension upgrades. He also added a TigVision intercooler tank in the trunk, which is designed to cool the air going into the engine via a Kenne Bell Big Gun intercooler. Jeff also mounted up Mickey Thompson slicks for the 2nd go.

Unfortunately, the return trip to Bradenton Motorsports Park brought with it almost 80-degree temps, almost 20 degrees warmer than his 1st trip. Jeff was unable to best his previous 9.55, but he learned several things that should enable him to run quicker next time. He better hurry, though, Florida’s starting to get warm again, and summer will be here soon. Stay tuned.