When the equipment to safely test fuel injection equipment didn't exist, RC Engineering founder Russ Collins invented it. Today his legacy at RC continues into a new generation.

When the equipment to safely test fuel injection equipment didn’t exist, RC Engineering invented it.

RC Engineering has always been a pioneer in fuel injection - generations of racers have relied on their services both for new injectors and to service their existing hardware. We know from personal experience that they’ve always placed a lot of emphasis on customer service as well. Company founder Russ Collins (who passed away last May at age 74) instilled both his deep knowledge and ingenuity as well as his dedication to racers’ needs in RC Engineering, and that tradition continues today.

Injector_Service3_LCollins was an accomplished racer himself, and he knew better than most just how often things go down to the wire before a big event. RC Engineering always had excellent turnaround times for injector servicing, but now you can get same-day service when it absolutely, positively has to get done right away.

Requirements for same-day turn-around include use of early AM delivery by UPS of FedEx to RC Engineering’s facility at 20807 Higgins Court, Torrance, CA 90501 and overnight return shipping. While the service is fast, it’s also complete, with no corners cut. Injectors are tested, cleaned, balanced and calibrated, then returned to the customer with a complete before-and-after results report.

For full details on the same-day service option, their normal (and still very fast) injector service, or their wide range of products and services for fuel injection, give RC Engineering a call 310-320-2277 or visit the firm’s website at www.RCeng.com.