Images Source: AmericanMuscle

Images Source: AmericanMuscle

If you’re looking to improve the lighting and the appearance on your ’15-’16 Mustang, then you may want to consider Raxiom’s new LED Switchback Turn Signal Conversion kit (PN 390266) from

The super-bright custom LED turn signals give your Mustang a clean and uniform appearance similar to lighting options found on more expensive European cars.

450856f29008085fa_20160323084600GRRaxiom’s new conversion kit is available for all 2015-2016 Mustang models and is a complete plug-and-play system. AmericanMuscle says that installation can be performed by novice mechanics, and should only take about 15 minutes total. The kit replaces the factory’s limited light output halogen bulbs and replaces them with brighter 24-LED bulbs.

The package includes two LED turn signal bulbs and two LED side marker bulbs. One unique feature about this package is that the bulbs are a dual-color style, meaning the ‘Cool White’ style 12-LED bulbs are used as DRLs and parking lights. However, one flip of a switch, and the Cool White colored LED bulbs turn to ‘Amber’ color for whenever your turn signals or hazards are activated. Bringing us back to the installation, the kit again is one hundred percent plug-and-play installation; requiring no need for cutting, splicing, or permanent modification. The only thing that is required? Replacing those weak bulbs, of course.

The Raxiom LED Switchback Turn Signal makes for an awesome way to tie all of the S550 Mustang's light output together as one color for a cleaner, more aggressive appearance.

Head over to and check out all of the customer submitted images, and be on the lookout for a video soon!