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The Special Services Package Fox Mustangs have a cult following among Mustang enthusiasts. There is just something about the allure of a “Highway Patrol Mustang” that adds to not only the cool level, but the value as well. A 1992 SSP Florida Highway Patrol coupe just popped up for sale on Craigslist. It is not only in service condition, but it is also a rare unmarked car, making it even more desirable to those diehard SSP collectors.

While some are long departed from their original service condition, others are maintained or restored back to as they were in service. The majority of all Florida Highway Patrol cars were painted in the traditional black and tan. Of the 378 SSP cars ordered by the state of Florida in 1992 and 1993, approximately seven unmarked cars were ordered in Calypso Green.

This particular coupe is one of those magnificent seven. It is car number FHP-251, which was assigned to Florida District 401 in Southeast Florida. This car still features all the cool factory goodies that set the SSP cars away from the rest, including the oil cooler, full-size spare tire, silicone coolant hoses, reinforced floor pans, and a single key set. The car also has working lights and sirens.

The owner states that some of the police equipment is original to the car, while some is period correct. Either way, it’s super cool to see this coupe as it would have been during its service years. The owner said he will remove the police equipment if the buyer does not want it, but who in their right mind wouldn't want it?

This car checks off all the boxes to qualify as a highly collectible Fox for years to come: Special Service Package, coupe bodystyle, popular color, original condition, and tons of documentation. At $14,500, we can’t help but think this is a pretty fair price for a rare, mint Fox in today’s market. You can check this rare SSP coupe out for yourself on Craigslist right here!

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