Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week presented by Gear Vendors Overdrives has become a true test of man and machine; a 1,400 mile-long journey through the heartland of this great country. With stops at historic landmarks and torture tests awaiting at the planned dragstrips, braving whatever elements Mother Nature decides to conjure up, Drag Week has claimed numerous wannabes over the eight-year run of the event.

We’ve all seen the videos of Larry Larson on the Strip in Vegas in his incredible twin-turbo ’66 Nova, but there’s another whole class of cars that compete and doesn’t get nearly the same type of attention. Randy Seward has ours. His Mustang was built to compete in the NMRA’s True Street category, which requires a 30-mile tour and back-to-back-to-back dragstrip passes. We’ve previously written about how he won the NMRA and NMCA’s Bradenton True Street events after hauling all the way from Alamogordo, New Mexico to Florida in the car - a distance of 3,600 miles round-trip - and he did it in a car that put down an incredible 8.93 three-run average in the NMRA event.

Randy in competition during Drag Week. Video courtesy of 8Liter on

Drag Week this year was no exception for Seward, as the engineer realized he had a car capable of doing the deed. Plans were made to trailer the car to the start of competition at Tulsa Raceway Park, then cover the 1,400 miles and subsequent four dragstrip events in the Mustang, packed chock-full of support gear. Seward’s Mustang is powered by a 363 cubic inch small block Ford, wearing a set of Trick Flow Specialties High Port cylinder heads and is pressurized by a pair of Garrett GT3582R 61mm turbochargers.

During Drag Week, Seward was competing against cars with many more modifications than his - wings and wheelie bars, to start - as the Modified Power Adder division of the Super Street class permits unlimited displacement and multiple power-adders. Seward’s machine is placed into the Super Street class due to the coil-over rear suspension. He completed Drag Week with an awesome 8.73 average, placing him fourth in the Super Street class. Truly one of the most awesome dual-purpose cars around.