Whether you’re driving a ’79-’04 Mustang with worn out springs and shocks, or you’re looking to upgrade to a rear coil-over system to gain some additional tire clearance or even more performance QA1 has a solution with their 79-04 Mustang rear coil over conversion kits.

These kits are available with either QA1’s single adjustable or double adjustable rear shocks. The single adjustable shocks offer 18 individual settings adjusting both compression and rebound simultaneously. The double adjustable versions offer 18 settings individually of compression and rebound, allowing for more fine tuning of the rear suspension. We spoke with QA1’s Dave Kass who told us “The single adjustable line is more for the street/track enthusiast, while the double adjustable line is for more serious enthusiasts who want to be able to further fine tune their suspension system.”

QA1 has performed extensive research and development at their headquarters and manufacturing facility in Minnesota to come up with packages of matching springs and shocks for a variety of applications.

According to Kass QA1 has rear coil-over packages for Mustang owners that range from a mild setup for street enthusiasts, to a a more autocross and handling oriented spring rate, as well as a drag racing oriented spring package.

For those looking to fine tune their suspension system even more than the rear coil-over packages that QA1 has already set up, Kass says that QA1 will work directly with customers to select a specific spring package to meet their specific requirements.

These 79-04 coil-over kits are among some of the easiest on the market to install on any Mustang these years. Kass says the require no welding, or fabrication. A bolt on upper and lower mounting bracket is included, and an additional hole must be drilled for the lower shock mount. Kass says this is because, “Ford never intended that shock mount in their design to be the weight and load bearing point for the rear suspension, so it require an additional bolt for the mount.

QA1 rear coil-over kits for 1979-2004 Mustangs are available now, for more information check out the QA1 web-site or contact an authorized dealer.