Times are changing and so are people’s taste in a good Ford truck. In many people’s minds the F-100 stood for any Ford truck between 1953 and 1956. Although they were actually in production into the mid 1980s. 1953 to ’56 F-100 trucks are still extremely popular, however the fourth- and fifth-generation trucks are getting their dues. With interest in these trucks and performance add-ons exploding, QA1 has risen to the occasion. QA1 is now accepting pre-orders for its new complete front F-100 coilover suspension system for 1965 to 1972 Ford trucks. QA1 has an outstanding reputation for high performance suspension kits and we couldn’t wait to hear more.

We met up with David Kass at QA1 to get all the dirt on the new kit. We were quite surprised at how much thought and attention was given to this up and coming F-100 platform. Not only are the kits bolt-on but they have additional features that prove they’re more than just an average suspension upgrade. Many of the engineers at QA1 were excited to develop these purpose built components. David explains, “Many of us here at QA1 are truck enthusiasts. When the market started adopting these classic trucks as an alternative to muscle cars we were eager to develop something for them.”

Front Coilover Suspension

image of QA1 front coil-over suspension kit for 1956 to 1972 Ford F-100

QA1 front coilover suspension kits for ‘65 to ‘72 F-100s come with everything needed for a complete bolt-on installation. Fully adjustable coilovers, tubular A-arms with rod ends and a power rack and pinion are all standard.

1965 to 1972 F-100s have a Twin I-beam style front suspension. This is a popular factory suspension system for the off-road community due to its long travel capabilities. Unfortunately this suspension design is not great for a street truck. QA1’s new complete front coilover suspension system eliminates all of the factory components. They are replaced with high quality parts that work well on the street or the track. Having a great ride for the street with the ability to race autocross was a priority for the engineers at QA1. “Through optimizing for drivability, we created a system very capable on the autocross course while still having very nice street manners,” explained David.

image of double adjustable QA1 shocks

Each QA1 front coilover suspension kit can be upgraded to single or double adjustable shocks


Balancing a nice ride for the street in a race capable truck requires high quality shocks. QA1 didn’t hold back and offers its front suspension with adjustable coilovers. Single and double adjustable shocks are also available as an upgrade. These allow the driver to fine tune the ride height and ride quality for the perfect setup. Full tubular upper and lower A-arms mount to spindles that offer up to 5-inches or 7-inches of drop for an aggressive stance. Tight steering is accomplished with QA1’s power rack and pinion steering gear. The steering gear and components are engineered to work together to give superb steering control with no bump steer.

This new kit isn’t just about high quality suspension. The engineers also took into account what F-100 enthusiasts want with their trucks. Mounts are available for a number of different engines including big-block FE, Coyote, Windsor and LS engines. Many front suspension kits on the market today make it hard to fit the perfect wheel. These kits are 3.750-inches narrower than the popular Crown Vic set up, allowing for much larger wheels and tires. Full tubular suspension components and up to 7-inches of drop makes these kits an excellent upgrade. Also, shedding 150 pounds off the front-end really seals the deal.

Rear Coilover Suspension

image of QA1 rear coil-over suspension kit for 1965 to 1972 Ford F-100 trucks

QA1 rear suspension kits for ‘65 to ‘72 F-100s are made with tubular construction. Rod ends are incorporated into each component. This allows for almost unlimited adjustments. Rear coilover suspension kits will be available for pre-orders in March.

Due to the weight ratio of a truck, the quality of the rear suspension is critical for a smooth ride. With most of the weight up front, the rear suspension is hypersensitive to engine weight and horsepower changes. Having a live axle in the rear makes suspension tuning even more difficult. QA1 is designing its rear F-100 suspension system to tackle all of these challenges. Pre-orders should be available in March.

Utilizing a long torque arm style suspension, the QA1 rear kits truly bring these old ranch trucks into the modern age. The torque arm in conjunction with adjustable coilovers and shocks are exactly what these Ford F-100s need. Nearly every component is fully adjustable to allow for fine tuning for street or autocross applications.

image of QA1 1965 to 1972 F-100 rear suspension torque arm

The torque arm design is the ideal rear suspension for a pickup truck and offers superb handling. This is a great setup for street or autocross applications.

To eliminate deflection, QA1 integrated its proven high quality rod ends into each component. Tubular components add strength and eliminate up to 100 pounds in weight. The tubular torque arm allows for nearly infinite pinion angle adjustments and utilizes a large front rod end. This allows for more travel without binding and excellent weight transfer. Each kit includes all of the mounting hardware for a bolt-on installation, including a front crossmember and frame stiffeners with mounting brackets.

image of blue 1965 to 1972 Ford F-100 truck

Getting the right stance is easy with a QA1 F-100 bolt-on coilover suspension kit. Achieve the perfect ride height with the available 7-inches of drop.

QA1 put considerable development time into delivering a high quality suspension system for ‘65 to ’72 Ford F-100s. With total weight savings of up to 250 pounds and ride height adjustments down to 7-inches this is a great kit for the street. Add in the incredible amount of adjustability and this kit turns the average F-100 into a street and autocross beast. For more information on both the front and rear coilover kits or to pre-order a new front coilover suspension kit click here.