Recently, we checked in with QA1, and they’ve got some awesome stuff coming down the pipeline! Not long ago, QA1 was happy to announce that its Front Suspension Conversion Kit now covers the full range of 1965-1979 Ford F-100 Dentside and Flareside pickup trucks.

Your truck’s ride quality will greatly improve thanks to the QA1 front-end suspension system, and so will the appearance. Just bolt in the new front end system and hit the road!

1965-1979 Ford F-100 Front Suspension Conversion Kit

Due to recent test-fitting, the QA1 Ford F-100 Front Suspension Conversion Kit is no longer confined to the 1965-1972 model years. A narrower setup allows ample room to fit those larger wheels you’ve really wanted to install. In addition, this system saves an incredible 150 pounds over stock. It also provides 3 to 5 inches of drop with standard spindles and 5 to 7 inches with drop spindles.

Complete Front-End System

A new complete front-end system will have that Ford pickup performing like a new beast! With the Ford F-1oo owner in mind, Qa1 designed this system from scratch for utmost performance.

The kit features upper and lower control arms, adjustable coilover shocks and springs, rack and pinion steering, and spindles. So basically, everything necessary to get your truck running flawlessly is included. Here’s the breakdown.

Adjustable Coilover Shocks & Springs

Quality suspension components are necessary for a quality ride, so this kit includes adjustable coilover shocks and springs. Adjust your truck’s ride height when and where you see fit with your choice between double-adjustable and single-adjustable coilover shocks. Three options of springs are available because it goes without saying that everyone’s driving style is different. Each QA1 shock is completely dyno-tested and serialized, so quality is ensured in every part.

Upper & Lower Control Arms

The upper and lower control arms are a tubular A-arm design, which corrects factory geometry and saves considerable weight. The control arms work with the coilovers to boast better ride quality and adjustability as well as more precise handling.

Rack & Pinion Steering

A Rack and Pinion is the best way to cap off the revamped front-end of your Ford F-100. By eliminating the slop in the factory steering, you can give the handling a complete makeover. Even if your F-100 never touched a road course, you’d notice this improvement the second you got behind the wheel.


Choose between stock or two-inch drop spindles to ensure your truck’s perfect ride height (3 to 5 inches or 5 to 7 inches lower).

Engine mounts are not included in the package, but are available through QA1. This means that whether you’re installing an FE, Windsor, Coyote, or a dreaded LS (please don’t), QA1 has got you covered. So cancel the trip to the auto graveyard and call up QA1 for your new suspension system. We promise you won’t be disappointed!