Somehow, SEMA 2019 is already here. It seems like just yesterday that we were wrapping up SEMA 2018. With each SEMA shows comes the wildest builds we see all year, and Jacob Griffin’s latest project is one of them.

Back in March, we told you all about the build, but here’s a refresher. Griffin owns Griffin Design in Valley Center, California, and has been building project cars for SEMA for several years so far. The 25-year-old car builder has contributed to the Battle of the Builders and Young Guns competitions, and it is the Young Guns challenge that will feature his latest build.

The car is called Straight Razor, and it’s an SN95/1965 Mustang hybrid. It began its life as a 1999 Mustang GT before undergoing a full body transformation. Though the exterior modifications have been heavy, the powertrain has gone unchanged. It is still powered by a two-valve 4.6L mod motor and T-45 manual transmission.

The transformation took place in-house at Griffin Designs, and is designed to showcase classic 1965 styling with the creature comforts of the new millennium.

He’s been working on it since March, and it took five weeks to build. Paint didn’t come until later, so we waited to see the finished product before sharing it here.

As we told you in the first story, Griffin wasn’t sure what color the car would be painted, but clearly, they decided to go with a classic black hue. Later, after SEMA, the car will be repainted a sky blue shade with pearl.

For all of the nitty gritty details of the build, be sure to check out our first story on this hybrid Mustang.

We look forward to checking this thing out in person, and will be sure to post photos from SEMA (November 5-8) on our social media channels. Stay tuned!