PXR1R_Right_CLIPPEDAt what point does a street tire become a race tire? That is a question that, while debatable in theory, is dictated in the racing world only by the rulebook. And, the number where most sanctioning bodies with an entry-level type class draw the line between street and competition tires is 200 UTQG (treadwear). In order for a set of hides to meet regulations, they mustn’t dip lower than that rating.

Toyo Tires, recognizing the need for a performance tire right at the 200 treadwear limit, now has a class-legal tire for all 200-plus treadwear classes, the R1R. A nice plus for enthusiasts is that the R1R is available in a huge variety of widths and in 15-18-inch wheel diameters to suit a multitude of different competition and street vehicle types.

“The R1R is now a 200 as opposed to the 140 it was prior,” said Marc, Sanzenbacher of Toyo. “That makes it more compatible with a lot of the SCCA classes and, LeMons, Chumpcar, and a few others.


In addition to their street lineup, Toyo offers a slew of dedicated racing slicks such as this Proxes RR.

In addition to revamping the R1R to make it more flexible for various rulebooks, the company also offers an extensive line of DOT-approved R-compound tires such as the widely known Proxes R888 and dedicated racing slicks, such as the RS1. Toyo has a well-deserved reputation in the racing community and we are excited to see how this new breed of R!R performs at the track.

For more information on Toyo Tires and their entire tire lineup, specifications and sizes, visit their website.