When it comes to the fluids in any car or truck, heat is the enemy. Over-heated oil can lose viscosity and breakdown, eliminating some of the reasons to have the oil. To combat that situation with power steering units, Borgeson now offers power steering cooler kits to retrofit into your existing system, or complete your power steering installation.

These cooler kits are available with either a standard two-pass cooler or a heavy-duty four-pass version. Both cooler kits come with everything you need, including the power steering cooler, cooler mount kit, 6 feet of high-temp power-steering return hose, 3/8-inch hose barb fitting, and four hose clamps for a complete ready to install package.

by reducing power-steering fluid temperatures, you can prolong the life of the power steering components as well as help to maintain consistent power steering feel as temperatures rise with increased steering demand. Full application and technical information is available at www.borgeson.com