You have probably already seen the article we wrote on installing a ProCharger on a 2011 Mustang. So what’s better than a car that comes with over 400 horsepower from the factory? How about one that you can convert to over 600 horsepower in about four hours? No smoke and mirrors here folks, these are real numbers that anyone is able to achieve. Best part of all, you don’t have to cut a single thing to get the kit to fit properly.

{ad:RMA}One of the biggest worries for new car owners is having to hack up their brand new car to make a lot of power. ProCharger has gone to great lengths with their new 5 liter kit to unsure you don’t have to do any of that…and that includes fitting the air-to-air intercooler. This kit is designed to fit perfectly under the stock hood without cutting anything, including the 5.0 engine cover. The other great feature is the dedicated supercharger drive system that keeps the stock belt system untouched and the ProCharger crank pulley adapter is a direct bolt on affair.

The supercharger unit ProCharger selected is their patented and proven P-1SC-1, which is a self contained unit that does not require any external oiling. The version of the P-1SC-1 we went with is their helical gear set upgrade. This option significantly reduces the supercharger’s noise level for a truly stealth install. Though if you prefer the traditional centrifugal supercharger whine, ProCharger offers that as well.

The air is delivered through a molded intake pipe, compressed and forced through ProCharger’s front mount intercooler. The driving air cools the air charge through the front-mount intercooler as it makes its way into the throttle body. Supplied fuel injectors and an SCT tuner ensures that the additional fuel is added into the mix for spot on air/fuel ratio numbers. Though if you want to manage your own fuel system, ProCharger also offers a tuner kit.

This particular P-1SC-1 system we’re installing will deliver 7 pounds of boost with the current dedicated 8 rib drive pulley selection, though there’s also a D-1SC upgrade, or if you are looking for big power, the bracket system can support up to a F1-A supercharger with the ability to make over 1000 horsepower!