PennMustangs hosted its sixth annual Mustang Muscle Car Show on July 8, 2012 at Haldeman Ford Lincoln in Allentown, PA. It was open to all cars but late-model Mustangs were the star.

And if you needed to decompress after spending two days walking around Carlisle, this was the perfect way to get your Blue Oval blood circulation back up to speed.

Allentown almost seems Midwestern in comparison to Philly or New York City, but this show pulls vehicles from around New Jersey and New York as well as Pennsylvania. To those who are geography-challenged, let me tell you that is no big deal, but considering FoMoCo had a huge semi selling Ford sundries, it was quite impressive for a little event in east-central PA.

Shinoda Boss Mustang looks tame compared to Mustangs today. Only 203 Saleen S-281 SC convertibles were built in 2000.

Nary a stock Mustang to be found...

Grabber Blue Roush Mustang listed for over 64 grand. Next to it is a Mystic Mustang - remember when they were the thing? You know a show is going to be good when you're greeted by a Laguna Seca.

By far the most popular Mustangs were the SN-95 (1994-2004) and S-197 (2005-Current) iterations, completely dominating even Fox Mustangs. Surprising was the lack of older Mustangs, but that’s just a reflection of PennMustang’s club membership. However, that created an opportunity for modern Mustang fans to strut their stuff on a dyno, a popular thing for spectators especially when a Super Snake owner ponied up to the platform.

Super Snake pulled almost 640 horses.

Old fastbacks still are stylish. 1965 2+2 had a straight-six.

Several older Mustangs plus such classic Blue Oval products like a 1970 Torino Cobra and Cyclone Spoiler, a Shelby Cobra, and a 1967 Fairlane GT added variety under the record heat.

Ford called it Calypso Coral, while Mercury called it Competition Orange.

What's the ultimate Shelby? Eleanor or Cobra?

But cars weren’t the only purpose of the show - money was raised for the Nicole Reppert Foundation, which was formed in 2008 to educate others on the serious fire hazards that exist in your home. Nicole perished in 2007 in a fire due to a four month-old Christmas Tree decorated with halogen lights.