ugly-stang-2Let us just preface this piece by saying that we are ardent defenders of car customization and beauty being in the eye of the beholder. Even some of the most tasteless, terrible muscle car customizations have their defenders and fans, and the beauty of being a part of this hobby is seeing all the wild and crazy ideas people conjure up.


The Mustang seeing far better days. Until…

But we’ve finally found our breaking point, and it’s this 1967 Ford Mustang that went from being a gorgeous white example of classic American muscle, into a hideous pink contraption that deserves to be crushed and burned, its ashes sunk deep into the Pacific Ocean. It’s that bad.

We have precious little information on this custom Mustang besides what was posted in the Shitty Car Mods subreddit. Apparently this monstrosity popped up for sale on one user’s Facebook news feed, with an asking price of $18,000, if you can believe. Besides the atrocious pink and silver paintjob and tasteless bodykit additions, there are no known performance modifications to speak of.

It’s bad enough that anyone would do this to a classic Mustang, but far worse once you see the “before” pictures that show that this Mustang was once a coupe. Yes, some modifier straight-up cut the roof off a classic ‘67 coupe, and one that looked to be in fine condition. Maybe we’re missing something here, but this is where we have to draw the line.

This is bad, and whoever commissioned this work should feel bad. We’ll even go farther and say that this person should be barred from car ownership for life. It’s just that bad. What do you think - to each his own, or to each who own a Mustang, don’t do this? Some things just can’t be unseen.