The first 2013 Ford Mustangs are only just starting to hit car dealerships, but already pundits and journalists are talking about the NEXT generation of Mustangs. After spending a better part of the past decade going for a retro look that spoke to a generation of Baby Boomers, Ford seems intent on turning its aim on younger buyers. But that means making a retro muscle car cool again with a crowd that favors connectivity over torque. It’s a tall order for the Blue Oval.

But the Wall Street Journal reports that Ford has a plan to reconnect the Mustang with young buyers. That plan? Make it look more like the new Ford Fusion, for one.

Warmly received at the Detroit Auto Show in January, the 2013 Fusion is a step-up in terms of mid-size sedan looks. Prior to that though, Ford had rolled out the EVOS concept, which does indeed look a lot like the Fusion as well. Less retro, more futuristic, this new take on the Mustang promises to produce a sleeker-looking car than the retro nostalgia vibe from the current model.

In fact, people who have supposedly seen the 2015 Mustang report that it looks a lot like the EVOS concept. It will have a higher-class look, while hopefully maintain some semblance of affordability. It is almost a certainty that Ford will offer EcoBoost engines in this next-gen Mustang. But for fans of the retro look, you had better enjoy it while it lasts. From the sounds of it, the next Mustang will be worlds away a different car…and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.