With all the recent hype about the 2018 Mustang’s next-level Performance Package, we bet you’ve been noticing the sweet 19-inch wheels that are included in the option. They are one of the best-looking factory wheels in recent memory, but if you like that style, but crave bigger sizing with a splash of Shelby flair, there is a new offering from the Carroll Shelby Wheel Company — the CS3.

The crew at CJ Pony Parts struck a deal to become one of the first to offer these wheels for sale, and as a result the company’s Content Manager, Chris Cervenka, was able to install one of the first sets on his 2015 Mustang GT.

Available in 20x9.5- and 20x11-inch sizes for a staggered fitment, the Carroll Shelby Wheels CS3s can be ordered in black, gunmetal, or silver finishes. (Photo Credit: Carroll Shelby Wheel Company)

“For those that are fans of the aggressive split-five spoke design featured on 2018 Mustangs equipped with the Performance Package Level 2, these CS3 wheels fit the bill and then some. Offered in a 20-inch fitment rather than Ford’s 19-inch, the CS3 is able to fill out the wheel well much better than Ford’s factory wheels, especially on a lowered car. It doesn’t hurt that 20-inch tire prices are generally a bit more affordable than 19s as well,” Chris told us. “Additionally, the folks at Carroll Shelby Wheel Company put in a ton of research into engineering the correct offset into the CS3. If you haven’t noticed, Ford’s GT PPL2 wheels stick out a bit from the fenders and quarter panel, almost as if these wheels were meant to fit the GT350 as their fenders are a bit wider. With that said, the CS3 brings the wheel in a touch and makes it flush with the body of the car for a much cleaner look.”

Not only are these built to fit the S550, but they offer a slight performance advantage because they are lighter.


“There are a couple of benefits that go past the stunning look of the CS3. First off, these wheels are produced using a flow form construction making for a lighter and stronger product in comparison to a traditional cast wheel,” Chris said. “Additionally, CS3 owners will also see weight savings. It goes without saying that every pound saved in rotating mass makes for massive gains in how the car performs both in a straight line and around the twisties.”

Of course, most of us install new wheels on our steeds because they simply look better, and these hoops definitely look right on Chris’ S550. He bolted up the gunmetal versions, but they can also be had in black or gunmetal finishes.

CJ Pony Parts’ Chris Cervenka installed a set of gunmetal CS3 wheels on his Mustang GT and they look right at home. The car is dropped via CJPP springs and the wheels are wrapped in Nitto NT555 G2 tires, 275/35-ZR20 in front and 305/30-ZR20 out back. (Photo Credit: CJ Pony Parts)

“The reactions have been overwhelmingly positive and continue to be. I took the car to Cruisin’ Ocean City in Ocean City, Maryland, a local car event here in the Mid-Atlantic, where thousands of classic and modern muscle car fans gather for a long weekend of shows, meets, and cruising with other car enthusiasts,” Chris said. “Throughout the weekend, I had numerous people inquiring about the wheels. Aside from that, they were also very well received on social media with numerous comments and private messages inquiring about pricing, sizing, finishes, availability and more. I’m happy to share that CJ Pony Parts will begin taking pre-orders in June!”

If these wheels look like the hot setup for your S550, you can roll on over to the CJPP site here to dial up a set or visit the Carroll Shelby Wheel Company site here for more information.