New from TCI Engineering - the Pro-Touring Pickup Chassis for 1948-1956 Ford F100 and 1955-1959 Chevy pickups. This chassis is designed to maximize all the performance aspects of suspension geometry. See more details below.

Official Release:

TCI Engineering is proud to announce the release of our new Pro-Touring Pickup Chassis. Made to fit 1948-1956 Ford F100 and 1955-1959 Chevy pickups. We began with our tried-and-true 8-inch-tall main frame rails that follow the original frame profile.

We have taken what we learned from a decade of auto-crossing and road racing and integrated that technology into a new Pro-Touring IFS. We are using our custom-designed spindles with bolt-on steering arms. This allows us to maximize the performance aspects of suspension geometry. Including, camber gain, bump steer, Ackerman angle, scrub radius, kingpin inclination, instant center, and more.

This new Pro-Touring IFS still utilizes over the counter brakes, ball joints, and rack-and-pinion, so replacements are readily available. Ridetech Million Mile Warranty coilovers are standard equipment. This new Pro-Touring IFS will provide the ultimate in handling, weight savings, strength, and ground clearance, along with a broad range of alignment adjustments.

The Torque Arm rear suspension was designed to eliminate the bind that occurs when cornering, and uses the stock conventional leaf spring suspension. For the Torque Arm to function properly, the rear frame rails need to be stepped. This allows for proper Torque Arm and link-bar geometry. This has the added benefit of lowering the center of gravity and moving some weight to the back of the truck, making it more balanced.

The Torque Arm features a telescoping slider at the front of the arm that rotates as the vehicle goes through suspension travel and articulation. This allows the handling to be controlled by the coilovers and rear sway bar with no suspension binding variables. The kit also allows for a lowered stance and greater rear axle control, dramatically improving the handling. There are three adjustments on the axle brackets, giving you the capacity to change the ride height in 1-inch increments. You also have the ability to fine-tune the ride height further with the Ridetech Million Mile Warranty adjustable coilovers.

We offer a wide variety of additional options that allow you to custom tailor a chassis to meet your specific needs. All TCI Engineering products come with our 6 Year, 60,000 Mile Warranty on wear and tear. Any items built in-house by TCI Engineering come with a Lifetime Warranty.


  • Maximizes the performance aspects of suspension geometry
  • Ridetech Million Mile Warranty coilovers
  • Torque Arm rear suspension