New from Holley - the Mallory Unilite Distributors are now available for Ford Flatheads. These classic distributors feature a simple three-wire hookup with dependable and reliable performance. See more details below.

Official Release:

Holley/MSD is pleased to announce the expansion of Mallory’s line of Unilite Distributors, which now are available for Ford Flathead applications. Developed just for those classic powerplants, Mallory’s durable, reliable Unilite Distributor features a simple three-wire hookup that makes it easy to run a stock coil, Mallory coil, or Mallory HyFire CD ignition. This all-new distributor comes complete with a cap and rotor and includes a fully adjustable mechanical advance to create the perfect timing curve for virtually any setup. The compact housing is perfect for applications where space around a supercharger or firewall is tight, and the QPQ-coated shaft gives it a long service life.


  • Electronic ignition with a one-piece self-contained optical pickup and module
  • Quick and simple 3 wire hookup
  • Includes cap and rotor with brass terminals
  • Can be used standalone with high performance coils such as the Mallory Promaster Series or add on more power with HYFIRE CD ignition controls
  • Compact design for tight clearance applications such as blowers and tight firewall clearance
  • Fully adjustable mechanical advance
  • Classic Mallory look and styling
  • Strong .500”, QPQ coated distributor shaft guided by a ball bearing for long life and great performance