If you’re currently in the throes of a ’68-’69 Fairlane/Torino Sportsroof, or Fastback restoration, you know how hard it has been to find sheet metal for them. Owners have previously been at the mercy of junkyards, donor cars, or buckets of Bondo to bring their beloved Fords back to life. Until now! Auto Metal Direct has answered the call.

Photo borrowed from Hemmings Motor News.

Auto Metal Direct (AMD) is known for its OE-Style replacement body panels. The reason for its notoriety can be found in the high-quality OE-gauge steel AMD uses. The quarter panels pictured below are some of the first parts to hit the market from AMD’s new ’66-’71 Fairlane/Torino line of products. You can expect the same quality its know for to carry over to this line as well.

The outer view of the quarter panel really shows the craftsmanship that goes into AMD products.

Some of you might consider the Fairlane/Torino an obscure car to produce panels for. Well, a car with such a storied past deserves to stay on the road as long as possible. Many of them had multiple NASCAR wins notched in their belts, and Cobra Jet engines stuffed under the hoods. So, the Fairlane/Torino is as muscle as it gets, and we couldn’t be any more stoked that AMD has enabled owners to restore them to their true glory.

You can see on the inside of the panel, they are completely coated with EDP to prevent corrosion if you plan on doing paint and body further on up the road.

The Fairlane/Torino Fastback has been a seriously underrated muscle car from the heyday of horsepower. Now that AMD has made repair parts for them more accessible, we anticipate seeing them a lot more. You can check out everything AMD currently has and what it has cooking on its website, here.