If you happen to have a 9-inch rear under your hot rod and need a special-length axle, then the folks at Currie Enterprises can help. The company just added 35-spline axle shafts to its Cut-To-Fit (CTF) axle line.

The new 35-spline CTF axles are available in three lengths, and all have 4 inches of spline. That allows for up to 3 inches of the spline length available to be cut off. That means you can attain an axle length anywhere between 23 and 32 inches, and still have adequate spline-engagement in your differential. All CTF axles feature high-performance induction, heat-treated, and forged alloy-steel construction, and are Aftermarket Brake Configuration Standard (ABCS) compliant.

Currie Enterprises

Wheel-bolt patterns are dual drilled for 5 x 4 1/2 and 5 x 4 3/4, and a retainer-access hole is also drilled. All CTF axles come with a complete installation package that includes one set of five 1/2-20 Ford-style wheel studs, one set of five 7/16-20 Chevy-style wheel studs, one set of tapered-roller large axle bearings with race, seal, and collar, and one heavy-duty late-model large bearing-style retainer plate.

As always, Currie’s 31-spline large bearing and 28-spline small bearing CTF axles are available for immediate shipment. If you need a new rearend for your hot rod or racecar, Currie Enterprises has what you need. If your 9-inch needs axles, you’ll find them at Currie’s website.