Classic Performance Products has made a name for themselves providing high-quality steering, brake, and suspension components to the classic car world. With everything from restoration parts to parts for modern-day engine swaps, their catalog is constantly growing. Just recently, they had announced a slew of brand new products – including two new sets of sway bars.

The rear “Pro-Touring” sway bars are fully adjustable, and fit most popular applications’ stock and aftermarket rear ends with a 3” tube axle. On certain applications, shocks commonly interfere with sway bars. CPP eliminated this issue by incorporating billet ends, welded to the centers, to allow for more clearance around shock mounts. Per the product announcement, the new design provides all the benefits of CPP’s existing popular Pro-Touring Sway Bars, but with more space and more roll resistance. Of course, the kits come will all of the hardware needed for the installation, including gloss black frame mounts.

The new front sway bars, on the other hand, feature an innovative lightweight, high-clearance design. Its short and hollow construction cuts down on weight and increases roll resistance, while its laser-cut leg fits tight to the chassis, allowing owners to run much larger front tires. Eliminating the traditional fixed end link bushings, they include a fully adjustable heim joint end link setup. It comes pre-adjusted and allows for multiple different mounting positions.

Both CPP’s Fully-Adjustable Pro-Touring Rear Sway Bars and High Clearance Front Sway Bars start at only $199.99. For more information, visit their website HERE.