If you are like us, you can see all the photos you want, but a nice video that shows the changes to the ’13 Mustangs is better than any photos in our book. Along with the official press releases and all the details on the new redesigned 2013 Mustangs also comes the B-roll footage. This is the footage that Ford shoots for marketing purposes that shows a bit about the cars and generally has them driving. Sadly, this B-roll has no driving action, but you can see more about the cars.

The first thing we noted is that the grabber blue GT500 finally gets black stripes, which is what it has always needed if you ask us. White stripes on grabber blue GT500 are fine, but the black looks sick. The video gives a look at the new front and rear of the cars. We like the new taillights more in the video than we did in the photos. We thought the spoiler on the Laguna Seca was the GT500 unit in the pictures, but it’s clearly the same spoiler the 2012 Laguna Seca car uses.

We really want to see a shot of the removable Boss 302 faux fog light covers that are supposed to keep the car cooler on the track. The pics so far have been too dark to get a good look and the video doesn’t help. You do get a nice look at the cooling vents on the hood though. We aren’t sure how we feel about the entire Stang line having virtually the same front end. What do you think?