Every year luxury retailer Neiman Marcus releases a special Christmas catalog chock full of opulent and overpriced items targeting people who spend as much on a shirt as we make in a week. Every year the Dallas-based merchandiser selects one particularly trendy vehicle to get a luxury makeover, and this year a customized 2015 Mustang Convertible limited to just 100 examples to be sold.

While many of the features here would be right at home on any high-end Mustang, Neiman Marcus advertised all-wheel drive on their luxurious Ford. Turns out this was a simple misprint, though it created quite the stir in the car blogosphere.

A little known Mustang fact, Ford actually toyed around with the idea of offering all-wheel drive on its famous pony car way back in the 60s. However, the system was too expensive and cumbersome, offsetting any benefits and ultimately canning the system. Today, adding all-wheel drive as an option for the Mustang is technically feasible, but we just don’t see the appeal. The Mustang always has been rear-wheel drive, and today’s traction control and electronic stability systems are much better at dealing with slippery roads.

Beyond the phantom all-wheel drive system, the Neiman Marcus Mustang Convertible boasts 700 horsepower through its supercharged 5.0 V8 boasting a top speed of 195 MPH. Brembo brakes, a Magnaflow side exhaust, and carbon fiber tonneau cover are just a few of the high end features, and the retailer even throws in two days of high-speed driving training at the Ford Racing School. All this can be yours for just $96,000, almost exactly double the price of the 2016 Shelby GT350.

What did you expect from a retailer that carries items like a $5,900 mink capelet and a $2,500 backgammon set?