The fuel delivery demands for a car can be impacted by different factors, from engine size to the type of being used, but another aspect to be considered is the type of transmission in use. A car with a clutch setup will need a strong fuel system to keep fuel flowing under a hard launch; if the car is using fuel injection that ratchets the need up even more.

Launching a car with a manual transmission is a violent process for all parts of the car with the immediate transfer of power that occurs. There are a lot of G-forces at work that slam the power to the track and that can cause a fuel system to lose pressure. The loss of pressure can occur when the force of the launch causes the fuel to stall in the line when the pump can’t keep up with the fuel pushing back. Vehicles that are fuel injected will suffer even more from starvation in this situation due to the higher pressures required to run the fuel system.

The NMRA Coyote Stock class is full of hard-launching clutch cars that are a prime example of why it’s important to have a pump that can overcome pressure issues, according to Clair Stewart.

“It’s very important to have a solid fuel delivery system in a car like what you see in Coyote Stock that has high injection pressure needs. You have to have consistency and repeatability from all of your components. In Coyote Stock, we have a rule for maximum fuel pressure of 65 psi, and I never have a doubt in my mind that fuel pressure stays where it’s supposed with the Weldon pump I use.”

Jim Craig from Weldon gives some insight into why it’s so important to have a stout fuel system in a car that’s using a manual transmission.

“A weak or damaged pump could be subjected to the weight of the fuel going back at the outlet of the pump, causing the pump element to literally stop moving any fuel until the G-forces subside. With the higher EFI pressures required, an inferior fuel pump will already be under-performing without the shock of the backward moving fuel. You don’t want any weakness in the fuel pump to restrict or impede flow to the engine.”

Make sure to check out Weldon’s website to see all of their fuel pumps to see how they can help your stick-shifted car make power.