Since its debut over 50 years ago the Mustang has been a part of pop culture. Making its mark with the baby boomer generation, the ones who created pop culture the Mustang has been the subject of numerous branding, marketing, and product placements throughout the years.

The Mustang pictured here is from a recent find post by Barn Finds and it’s a bit of an enigma as to where the car fits into pop or soda pop culture. Engraved on an additional door tag on this car is Coca-Cola Bottling Co. The car itself has changed hands at least once in the last five years, with an eBay auction that brought it (we presume) to its present owner for the paltry sum of $960. Coca-Cola however, is either unwilling or unable to provide much provenance or background on the car.

The seller claims to have contacted the soda manufacturer and was told that Coca-Cola purchased a fleet of Mustangs in 1966. No other information was apparently provided. So we’re not sure if these cars were used for display purposes, advertisement, or for some type of sales or executive fleet. A fleet of cars could constitute 2 or 200, so we don’t even know how many wore this door tag, or any other specifics of these cars.

Could these cars have been all ordered red, and then had the Coca-Cola script painted on the doors? Or could this have been a corporate perk, ordering the hottest car around for executives to drive and provide a more youthful image to the brand? No one seems to know.

What we do know about the car is that it is in need of full restoration. Other than the engine originally being an in-line six cylinder we’re unsure what other options this car, or any of the others in the “Coca-Cola fleet” were ordered with. We’d love to hear from someone who could shed some light on this, so if know anything definite feel free to comment below.