If you like to partake in a bit of wine after you blast those Chevys out on the track while sitting around the in-field campfire, we have the perfect wine stopper for you. One look at this thing and any Mustang fan familiar with the 05+ Stangs will know exactly where this stopper came from. This is a shift knob from a base interior Mustang.

The stopper appears to come in both the 6-speed patter favored on the new Mustangs and the 5-speed pattern that was common in the base interior cars from 2010 back to 2005 as well. The metal spike slips down in the bottle and the ribbed rubber keeps the wine from leaking out.

We’d like to see one of these made up with the striped shift knobs from the GT500, or maybe the aluminum one from the Mustang GT with the interior upgrade package. It would be cool even with the black Boss 302 shift knob. The wine stopper sells for $29.95 each.